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Current Weather At Lasham at 19:23 on 05/11/22 Sunrise: 7:05 Sunset: 16:31
Temperature: 12.8°C Dewpoint: 11.1°C Humidity: 89%
Wind: SSE at 6.1kt Windchill: 9.8°C Barometer: 1010.8 hPa
Daily Rain: 2.8 mm Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr Solar Radiation --- W/m²
If there is convective cloud, the cloud base should be about 680 feet

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Welcome to! This website displays weather data from the weather station based on Lasham Airfield, Hampshire, UK - home of Lasham Gliding Society. For more information about gliding, please visit their website.

The Lasham Weather Station and web cams were fully funded by the Lasham Trust. The Trust collects voluntary donations from members and friends and is thus able to finance worthwhile projects including the Lasham gliding simulator, the specialist conversion kit fitted to a Lasham two-seat glider to allow disabled people to learn to glide and now the Lasham weather station. Other projects will follow if the Lasham Trust continues to be supported.

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